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Product Development

It’s not enough to have big and bold ideas. Driving real innovation means developing a connected product experience that’s built with the speed to test, the flexibility to scale, and the thoughtfulness to continuously serve the ever changing needs of your users.

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Product Concept Exploration Workshops

Developing a lasting product or service requires a carefully curated set of high-value features for your customers. Whether it’s physical or digital, we help you ideate and manifest new product concepts and their value proposition to bring into new or existing markets through a highly interactive co-creation workshop.?

Workshop Product Concepts

Product Requirements Documentation

Product Requirements are mission-critical to determining the technical and logistical hurdles that need to be considered and solved when building a testable prototype or MVP.?Our product requirements are a detailed document that outlines everything from data and API needs to Accessibility parameters, to the feature roadmap itself.

product requirements

Interactive Product Prototypes

The best way to test a new product or service is to prototype it. We develop interactive digital prototypes to simulate how your product or service will look, feel, and function in the hands of your customers – and then put them there. This gives you insightful feedback for making improvements prior to full MVP development.

Tesla Mobile App concept

User Experience (UX) Design

Regardless of your features or benefits, delivering a best-in-class product or service means carefully designing every interaction to meet the expectations of your customers. We document, diagram, and produce all intended functionality and integration requirements through annotated high fidelity wireframes.

High fidelity wireframes for web application for CamelBak

Design System Development

Design systems encompass the principles, visual UI elements and coded components needed to develop features of your product – all compiled into an accessible digital repository for anyone who will develop and support the product over time; internally or externally.

Design system example for Newman Architects

Minimum Viable Valuable Product Launch

Sometimes the fastest path to market is rapidly iterating and shipping the most valuable features rolled into an easy to use experience. We help teams scope, execute, and launch MVPs into the market, while keeping an eye on how to best seamlessly support and scale over time.?

MVP screens of a mobile app

Designing a Vertically Integrated Experience to Drive New Revenue

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